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Indonesia Matic Race (IMR) FFA Champion 2011 Yamaha Mio 232 cc

Yamaha Mio 232 cc geberan Bram Prastya of Cargloss AHRS Yamaha Bloom, winner of an FFA class in Indonesian Race Matic (IMR) night last week in front of Gedung Sate, Bandung. Though its capital just 232 cc but won a landslide, in race 1 and 2 are always at the front.

The work of these teams rely AHRS 65 mm piston. He said the original for Honda CBR150 Bore up that standard only 63.5 mm. "But, the shape is more jenong of CBR piston standard," explained Chepy Sugiarto, mechanical AHRS specifically handle automatic bin special.

By mechanical and other kinds AHRS crew team Maulan Dawn aka Mola also love input. In order to use the pen strokes special AHRS Mio to raise the capacity of the cylinder.
Selected pen stroke 6 mm. Automatic stride length increased 12 mm piston. Of origin so that only 57.9 69.9 mm. If calculated by the formula volume cylinder 231.8 cc happen. 232 cc would be fulfilled.
Stay redesigned cylinder head, aka head. To supply fuel gas, selected using a valve that is wider but still underestimated.
"Valve in pegged 33 mm and 28 mm exhaust. Due to road race. If you create a drag contrived 34/30, "explained Chepy accompanied by Iwa, manager of AHRS.

For compression also be reset. Created 12.2: 1. Coupled with the use Mikuni TMR28 with the main-jet pilot and 40/140.
Another mainstay, using a VGA type muffler latest AHRS. From stainless steel. Motor is also done with Suri, a special mechanical automatic this AHRS YZ coil and CDI applications Jupiter Japan.Standard magnet.
Seriously On Matic
Tumben, Asep Hendro skipper AHRS Matic appeared in Race. She says this year's serious in racing automatic. Because AHRS already have automatic special racing parts are also sold to the public.
"So this year fell in all series," said Asep who do not want to be late start selling automatic component.
As proof, Bram Prastya who champion FFA using AHRS cylinder block. Also includes other components using a brand AHRS. Like a roller, per CVT and ratios.
The results when done dynotest, able to generate power 24 hp and 45 Nm of torque. While still using a standard pulley. Only an extended groove roller to make it rise. Puli kind is planned to be produced also by AHRS. Suitable for long or short track. (Source:
MODIFICATION of Yamaha MIO 232 cc FFA IMR Champion
 Handlebars piston: AHRS
Cable caliper: AHRS
Rocker arm: Mio
Rims: Nouvo

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