amaha Mio Sporty 2007, replaced the standard boring."Using the new boring outer diameter 69 mm," said Achmad Afandi aka Mple, automatic garage mechanic HDM Racing, located on Jl. Raya Pondok Melati, Teak Color, Bekasi.
Yamaha Mio Sporty 2007. Owner :MIZIN RACING
Front tire: 50/90-17 drax FDR
Rear tire: 60/90-17 Anniversary
Front rim: Akront 1.20 / 17
Rear rim: Akront 1.40 / 17

Sok back: YSS G-Series

Piston use Oversize Honda Tiger 250 Diameter 66 Mm.
However, Theres a problem using a piston attached to a block of Tiger. More piston head bobbed and should dipapas lot.

Especially now followed by the increase in stroke. Using a pen stroke which resulted in 1.5 mm piston step up 3 mm. Hence block gasket should also use aluminum 0.7 mm thick.

The increase in stroke can be calculated. Originally 57.9 + 3 mm = 60.9 mm. Coupled with Tiger piston diameter 66 mm. Capacity is now a 208 cc cylinder.

Fuel gas supply was also enlarged. How big valve cylinder head fitted. Mple entrust EE valve size of 30 mm in and 25 mm out.

The performance of this large umbrella valve open and the lid is also regulated by a valve of Japan.As the valve is already known to many people. Elevator return can be high and not easily lackluster.

Performance valve is also regulated by Noken as custom. Because not trust aftermarket. Pas tried Noken as this custom made motors run more violent. But how many passed him by, Mple not remember how many mm. But he remembered total duration Noken as it is in the range of numbers 270 °.

According to Boim, who has done this alteration could defeat his opponents. The latest news has been spoken for a workshop in East Jakarta. When to marry?


In order for the maximum acceleration. motor is powered by a CVT 2000 rpm. Because as the standard CVT is felt sluggish at the start or initial acceleration.Jockeys often complain about the start motor is less responsive.

Section home roller is not much changed. Only a few modifications, making the gutter roller becomes higher. Or language mechanical roller disabit got home. Intended for the position of the roller can ride bullying v-belt. Logically top-speed would be add too.

The last part that supports melesatnya Mio is, in the exhaust sector. Because the play in class standaran, should use the standard modification. To exhaust systems modified to use a condom.Racing exhaust with the standard view. For business channel this waste has been entrusted to the DBS product. (Source: Motorplus-online.com)

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