Fastest Time 7.348 grabbed by Ntonk Doy Dragster from Jakarta who disuport by Tim Dumasari Fourteen fastest time was recorded during Heat 1.7348 seconds broke the previous fastest time on hold by Eko Codok are inscribed in Yogyakarta and Medan.
Racing is held on this night a total of 324 starters in the Drag Race War serie 2, previously Fasted of the Day serie 1 held by Bowo Chetah, and in series to the 2 moved into the hands Ntonk Doy (Husmaul Qoir) Jakarta from Dumasari Fourteen teams . 
Foto Balap Motor Drag Bike RaceWar Bekasi 2011
"For The Fasted Of The Day we will give trophies that no description of his time records and the name and the name of the event dragnya dragsternya. The other trophies will we give to his racing team, specifically for the jockey will add cash money $ 1 million if it could break the previous record, yes, like this Doy Ntonk who broke records Chetah Bowo, an award like this simply to further improve their performance, " Sigit clear Widiyanto Senior Advisor PT Flip Media Creative.
Good achievements also guns out of the preparatory committee organizers, from preparing the track dragnya to several other facilities such as Digital Board provided the committee behind the starting line, so the audience can see clearly how a record time the new dragster crossed. 
In addition, the organizers of the Class Mild Racewar Drag Racer is sufficient to prepare the tracks and smooth with a long asphalt path about 700 yards (201 meters for the track, braking and 200-meter 300meter to jagajaga). Not only that, alongside a track in place concrete pager number as many as 400 seeds to keep on the right-left trajectory.
This is a regulatory standard for the tracks that use the highway. Because drag night, so definitely lighting the lamp must also maximal for dragster can perform full power. "Good path and I do not think can solve the record when my engine capacity of 300cc, and I've long known I Ntonk Doy jockey when he was a frequently Bali," said team owner Dumasari Fourteen Aldy that reduce motor maticnya 4 in this 2 Drag Racewar serie.
"The components we have are from Kawahara applications such as exhaust, pully, Roller, crankcase, besides that we also play it safe with the settings of the machine because this bike down in the second 300cc 300cc class and FFA s / d 350cc," added the team mechanic Opung Daryanto Dumasari . Regulation which is run by the committee may only use the chassis of aluminum and titanium in the 300cc class and FFA s / d 350cc only.
While the 200cc-class chassis must remain standartnya only are welcome in the modification (the drill) from std weight of 15 kg so 8 or 9 pounds."In the 200cc class lets get our basic wants, so the frame remains the standard, in addition to budget considerations do so guns are too expensive and a 200cc engine developing your cost is also quite mild," Sigit added that too often become the RoadRace leadership contest.
Serie 3 will then be in his August 1, 2010 WAR aluminum & titanium chassis TITANIUM It is lighter than aluminum chassis, although the price is too far adrift. When the titanium in the range of Rp. 10-11 million, then the aluminum chassis Rp 5 - 6 million.The price depends on how much weight Kg,?
Usually the weight of the aluminum chassis has a weight of 2.5 kg more at IDR. 5 million while 2.5 kg less for Rp. 6 million could be better. Problems are often faced with aluminum chassis, if bumpy tracks or rough jokinya character then the chassis is usually easy to break even on the rake bouncy homesteernya.
Similarly, titanium chassis, regardless of the excess titanium chassis is very light 1.8 kg, has a dilemma. Because if it is damaged / broken springs or can not be repaired because the material is made of titanium. Difficult to find the weld with titanium material.
In contrast with aluminum chassis could still be improved if it is broken, because there is still capable of turning the garage ngelas the aluminum chassis. "Usually we modif again the aluminum chassis with added seats and tanks that function as well as the amplifier chassis.
Even today we have made aluminum chassis itself. Excess aluminum chassis compared to titanium if damaged can still be repaired, "said Alvin from Jakarta Speed ​​Chiken team ready stock 3 units more aluminum chassis for sale.