Matik Yamaha Nouvo 2002 300 CC 2 cylinder

Yamaha Nouvo originally made only 1-cylinder 2-cylinder. Capacity 300 cc engine was also made.Create an original one-cylinder engine into 2 cylinders not taking the easy way. Not enough if you just use a pair of blocks and heads Nouvo. But it must be really new.That's what makes Bahrudin aka pug, mechanical Bodisa Motor (BM), thinking back.Given the first period when he was young and great Honda CB200 at that time."So take advantage of the block and cylinder heads Honda CB200 which was 2-cylinder that," clearly a snub from Jl. Ciputat Raya, No. 22, South Tangerang.Hunting block and head CB200 certainly difficult. Incidentally there is a selling machine spindle and a valued USD 2.5 million. Although the utilized block and head and its contents are not a problem. Moreover pug Suyono financed by the boss that Buaran lathe workshop.But to put the block and head CB200, still have to be tricked. Anything that must be done, let's see action and Suyono pug with employees.Crankcase-BLOCK ADAPTORTo put a block on the crankcase Nuovo adapter must be made. "Thickness 15 mm adapter," said Om Yono, a call which is open Suyono lathe workshop in Kampung Buaran, South Tangerang.Lathe workshop is quite famous in racing circles wild (Bali). Many of the main bore and stroke ups ups. So to make Nouvo 2-cylinder still very easy and only took 2 months. Including hunting supplies and worked after the workshop closed.Adapter installed in the crankcase bolts fastened four former block. Stay put for long to block CB200 who were 8 it. Bolts were installed at a thickness of 15 mm adapter.Deliberately select the adapter that thick. So strong bolts fitted block. Also strongly tied to the crankcase Nouvo.OIL LINELane oil is very important to lubricate the engine components. Utilizing the oil path of a Nouvo who are in the right crankcase. The flow of oil passed through the adapter block. Adapter is made by punching holes in the middle block are forwarded to the bolt-down. "Following the path of oil like the Honda CB200," said a dear friend Toddy pug Andries who subscribed so the leadership race in motor racing.In the adapter, oil lines made to rotate. "At the same time to be cooled," explained Uncle Toddy is planning to borrow this Nouvo to use it daily.TWO U.S. crutch NouvoTo move the two pistons or piston in the cylinder block, do not use crutches as CB200. But, using 2 crutches as Nouvo who combined.How to merge existing crankshaft technique. Crankshaft which left his right arm toward the magnet is cut. Connected with magnet right that his left arm toward the CVT is cut as well.Crankshaft grafting technique using sock system. One of the crankshaft arm holes.Then enter crankshaft arm side. New deh then joined by welding and re dibubut.CAPACITY 300 CCIf the original cylinder capacity of only 200 cc CB200, are now made 300 cc. I use GL-Pro piston Neo Tech 56 mm in diameter.Combined with the standard stroke crankshaft Nouvo is 57.9 mm. And so the cylinder capacity of 142.5 cc. Because 2-cylinder multiplied by two. "Happens to 285 cc, 300 cc so fulfilled," cemat pug.

 Karburator : 2 Keihin PE28
Intake manifold : 2 dari Mio
Magnet : Standar
Koil : 2 buah
Ban: FDR
Knalpot: Konfigurasi 2-1
Bodisa Motor: (021) 8020-5038
Buaran Bubut: (021) 7423483

There was a problem when the tide block and head in the crankcase Nouvo CB200.Can not directly fit. For that machine Nouvo be slit. Between left and right crankcaseseparated. In the center left and right crankcase made ​​adapter. For crankcase widthequal to the width of the block CB200.

Adapter installed in the middle of it using aluminum spindles. Its exterior is formedusing a milling machine. Created as a crancase Nouvo. This adapter can be dismantled between the upper and lower blades.

In the adapter made ​​for the bearing holder. "Bearing or lahernya use such systems in the car. Using the alias without a ball metal seated ball bearing, "cuap pug who likesracing Grasstrack it.

On the adapter also made ​​among the examined for keteng chains. And the holder forthe upper and lower tensioner keteng. To penegang keteng use of tongue-ownedHonda GL100 tensioner.

After making the adapter, now lives a block pairs. But what happens, still can notdirectly plek. Because of the crankcase and block CB200 Nouvo different. Source: