Honda BeAT Drag Bike Racing Champion 150 cc Class


Honda Beat Drag Bike Racing. Square Mean is between diameter x stroke piston, so the key to winning drag bike 155 cc class.Precisely at the Honda Beat Drag Bike Racing Ardiansyah Ucil race from Speed ​​Key Hariot team, Bandung.Winner of 1 on a straight track racing stage race in Harapan Indah, Bekasi some time ago.
DRAG BIKE RACINGHonda Beat Drag Bike Racing
Constructor aka BEAT Drag Bike Racing machine designers can 8.61 seconds in the 201 meters this track, which is a duet between Rio Teguh death and Kentardima. They successfully make the square of diameter x stroke piston that is 58 x 58 mm.

On paper, it could be calculated."Cylinder capacity reached 153.2 cc," said Rio Teguh.
To make a square with a diameter x stroke count of 58 x 58 mm, piston earliest searched first. "Considered the most fitting is the piston Honda Sonic. Of course, the original version sought to make it more resistant," added talents.

Piston is considered lighter than the other piston. Its strength is also assured because the original used Honda Sonic. Fun again, shorter than the standard piston BEAT Drag Bike Racing. No longer need to wear a thick gasket to be higher for stroke.

Piston Honda Sonic also has a hole the same pen with BEAT Drag Bike Racing. Which is 13 mm. So it is more profitable. Fit the same hole piston standard handlebars.

Next live makes for a fitting stroke Honda Beat Drag Racing Bike is 58 mm. "Just use the pen stroke of 1.5 mm. The addition of a 3 mm stroke," said talents again.

Standard conditions, stroke or step piston Honda Beat Drag Bike Racing is 55 mm. Plus an increase of 3 mm, 58 mm stroke finally finished. This condition makes BEAT Drag Bike Racing is so really square.

Square had a profit machine. Between power and torque to be balanced. Large torque is obtained but also the engine rotation speed increases. "From the power dynotest 19.2 df," beber talents.

Live play in the cylinder head. "Locks 4-stroke engine power of the head. And that's part remains to be worked on seriously," snapped Rio Teguh. Just use a valve cylinder head Honda Sonic. Suction valve size 28 mm and 24 mm exhaust.
Length Duration of Honda Beat Drag Bike Racing is 265 degrees

Inlet hole size also affects the power. Combined with Honda Sonic valve that, talents match the suction hole to 26 mm. For exhaust hole 23 mm.
Only then combined with the duration Kawahara again be reset. "Kem suction and exhaust are made equally open for 265 degrees," compact Rio and talents that would open the speed shop on Jl. Mohamad Toha No. 274, Bandung.
Kem suction and exhaust opening is made the same rhythm. Suction valve opens 25 degrees before TDC (Top Dead Point) and closes 60 degrees after TMB (Bottom Dead Point).
"Medium exhaust valve opens 60 degrees before the TMB and closed 25 degrees after TDC," said Rio is starting to open shop later this month. Source: