Senin, 04 April 2011

Yamaha Mio Drag Bike, Thailand Study Result

 of study in Thailand, one of them is the selection of the piston. No need anymore to rely on bore piston or piston aka big. But, simply copy the piston which is widely used by Thailand for the race tuner FFA.
Piston LHK brand used 66 mm diameter, try dependable Ismail Harjono, Tunner Harmony Monster Skutik (HMS) from Solo, Central Java. That outcome study last year to Thailand, all with automatic drag racing there.

The result is not indeed useless. Ismail able to deliver Yamaha Mio which spurred Rico is perched on the podium Boncel honorable title YSS TDR Comet Drag Bike Championship DID 2011 in Semarang, last Sunday.
Tracks straight Circuit Tawang Mas, Semarang became a witness greatness Mio continues that since the allowance is perched on 3 big. "Time to Thailand a lot of chatting with the mechanic there. I try to apply in this bike, "said Ismail.
Previously, Ismail choose to play with 70 mm piston for pursuing large capacity. This piston has a piston type races like the Special Engine (SE). The bottom of the piston is shorter. So, unlike Tiger Piston Honda or Yamaha Scorpio classified as long.

MODIFICATION List of Yamaha Mio Drag
Front tire: IRC 45/90-17Rear tire: Eat My Dust 60/80-17Rims: TDRShockbreaker: YSSCDI: Yamaha Fino.

In fact, this bore applications, he said there were many changes. Namely, the desired power. If the previous power seoalah shouted and ran out of breath at a distance of 30 meters before the finish, not anymore.
Shouted a machine, can now cross the finish line. "When using 66 mm piston, until the finish there was still some power. This is actually a character created to be automatic, "beber Gembor closest call.
Use a large piston could actually outsmart power. But, the power under a mess because of too wild. Create pursue maximum capacity, 66 mm piston is combined with a stroke length of 86 mm.Stroke is the result of congenital crankshaft from Thailand as well. Yup! 've Received so!
With the replacement handlebar piston having a smaller pen crankshaft, big end automatic can be shifted even further. That way, the total contents of the cylinder which applied in this sleek Mio screen, a 295 cc. According to Tunner 32-year again, the capacity is already considered sufficient!
To Thailand again? ( 
Bigger Exhaust
Accompanying the swollen cylinder, valves rely on 34 mm (in) and 30 mm (ex). Valve itself took from a car belonging. Then the diameter of regenerated as needed.
In order to set up when the open-close valve, Noken as the Honda Estilo applied. Length regenerated into 275 º (in) and 280 º (ex). If calculated per bumbungan diameter, 18.3 mm (in) and 18.4 mm (ex).
But oddly enough, really made bigger exhaust duration huh? "It should be greater than this. But this I do to pursue a low compression. Thus, lower power is not too fierce, "explained Gembor as he said already apply compression 15.2: 1. Comparison of the ratio of 18/39 is used for electrical power eye as you wish. Yup!

Suzuki Arashi 125 200 cc Drag Racing

Drag Racing tracks straight night, full of surprises. All can be done by the display engine looks standard. Opponent, misled when viewing. This trick is done Hendro Saputro in Suzuki Arashi 125 Gebro property. Block gasket sheet, but the actual contents of the cylinder was swollen so 201 cc. 
Drag Racing Suzuki Arashi 125

Explosion in the volume of a cylinder, thanks to a stroke which rose through the application of pen strokes 3 mm. Up and down, so the 6 mm. "Piston, wearing oversized Honda Tiger 125. Become, 64.75 mm, "open Hendro of HDR M-Tech workshop in Kampung Bojong, Gunung Putri, Citerup, West Java.

Drag Racing Suzuki Arashi 125 is increase in piston stroke and Tiger only requires the use of gasket at least block more than 4 mm. The key alias handlebars of piston.

Hendro apply piston handlebars of the Suzuki Smash motorcycle. Diameter crankshaft same pen, but the driving part of the piston up and down the 110 cc Motor Bebek Suzuki it's shorter than Suzuki Arashi 125. This combination makes the motor that jump on the track 400 meters is considered enough just to rely on standard block gasket made of paper.
Outsmart the piston so as not stuck when TMB (Bottom Dead Point), no adjustment is made. That is, cutting down the walls of the piston Tiger as much as 5 mm. "Safe from the clash of crutch-as.The top or dome, dipapas 0.3 mm, "he greeted familiar this Firm.
Using Honda Tiger who had a piston pin 15 mm, he's unwilling bushing system. Sturdy, more select lathe pen hole piston in the piston to fit handlebars Tiger pen. Because, pen Arashi 14 mm piston. Thus, the hole enlarged 1 mm. (

Cryogenic method for Drag Racing Auzuki Arashi 125
Large capacity of Suzuki Arashi 125Drag Racing, would need valve adjustment. Suction and exhaust valve enlarged participate. Hendro rely valve EE. The diameter of the valve in contrived 31 mm, ex valve wear 25.5.Cultivation of the valve is made more serious sitting.
The process of change carried out in the BRT, Cibonong."Use a cryogenic method, until now siting remains strong. Though this bike is also used to make to the office daily.
The diameter of the intake porting was made 27 and enlarged so 28 mm. Currently pegged at 25 mm exhaust.Accompanied back 270 º duration, valve lift in contrived ex valve 8.7 mm and 9 mm. From the results of testing the water flow in the fuel gas flow alias Flowbench latest BRT, the result 120 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). "These results are quite optimal. But, still can make a 130 CFM, "said Sturdy.